Retropie for PI2Scart

This is the page for installing retropie for the well-known pi2scart hardware. Get the pi2scart hardware at the Arcadeforge Shop.

The current retropie image based on version 4.3 can be downloaded here.

Only the scripts v 0.7.1…/fo…/0B8uZtHByEHyBMkNRRmk4T2E1ZUk…


This image was made Michael Vencio. It was based on his findings on the FB Group pi2jamma

The following systems are pre-configured and supported.
Sega Mega Drive/Genesis
Famicom Disk System
Master System
Neo Geo
PC Engine
PC Engine CD
Sega 32x
Playstation 1
Sega CD

Install Instructions :

1. Download and write using Win32DiskImager retropie 4.3 to sd card

2. Place SD card in the raspberry pi and power on

3. Configure Wifi or connect ethernet cable

4. Transfer Roms and Bios (usb or ftp method)
Note : For arcade, use the fba and/or arcade folder.

5. Press Start > Quit > Restart


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